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Smokeeter® Systems

The "original" Smokeeter, pronounced "Smoke Eater," is United Air Specialists' most well-known commercial indoor air cleaner. Most commonly used in bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, office buildings and other public facilities, the Smokeeter is the best electrostatic precipitator in the industry. These units can be installed on the ceiling or mounted on the wall, as well as concealed above the ceiling.

Features & Benefits

  • Ionizer*—Electrostatically charges particles.
  • Collection Cell*—Captures charged contaminants to rid them from your business' environment.
  • Pre-filter—Optional layered aluminum mesh screens capture large airborne particles as they enter the unit.
  • After-filter—Optional activated carbon after-filter helps control odors.
  • Indicator Light—Illuminates when unit is working properly and automatically shuts off when components need routine servicing.
  • Multi-Speed Control Switch—Provides variable blower speed adjustments to control noise levels during peak and off-peak business hours.
*Some Smokeeters use a unicell, which is an ionizer and collection cell assembled in one unit.

Available Models

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