Crystal-Aire® Systems
Crystal-Aire concealed air cleaners remove heavy concentrations of tobacco smoke, dust and other hazardous irritants such as bacteria and viruses from the air. Flexible in design, this indoor air quality (IAQ) cleaner can be adapted to most building configuration and is able to serve more than one room at a time with multiple filtration options.
Features & Benefits
  • Motor/Blower Module—All Crystal-Aire systems require the Motor/Blower module. This quiet motor/blower draws air into an inlet grille, pushes it through aluminized flexible duct and other filtration modules and then sends it out of the outlet or supply grille(s).
  • Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Module—The ESP module is the most common section used with the motor/blower. It consists of a pre-filter, ionizer, collection cell, optional after-filter and power pack. Inside the ESP section, tobacco smoke, dust pollen and other sub-micron particles are captured like a magnet.
  • Bag Filter Module—Instead of an ESP cleaner, some building codes specify the use of a "bag" or "box" filter. The Crystal-Aire Bag Filter module holds disposable pre-filter and a pocketed "bag" filter. As contaminated air passes through filter fibers, airborne particles are trapped on media fibers and eventually on other build-up contaminants; the result being an effective air cleaning mechanism.
  • Box Filter Module—Another alternative to the ESP cleaning system is a "box" filter. The Box Filter module operates similar to the Bag Filter described above, and has comparable efficiencies. In this module, a HEPA or ASHRAE "box" filter is used in applications where extremely high efficiency or special duty is required. It consists of a disposable pre-filter, folder media filter mat mounted within a particle board frame and pressure switch to monitor filter loading.
  • Odor Control Module—The Odor Control module, which typically follows the ESP, Bag or Box Filter section, is used to combat strong, pervasive odors. This module is made up of six trays, which hold 18 lbs. of carbon or potassium permanganate, and a disposable after-filter to capture any carbon dust that might be entrained into the air stream.
  • Fresh Air Inlet—The Fresh Air Inlet is a transition piece, or plenum, that delivers air from the outdoors, or another location in a building, to the filtration area.
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