Smoke Eaters for Bars

For any bar to remain successful, it must continually provide a high-quality customer experience - including a haze-free and odor-free environment. That’s why Smokeeter offers an efficient and economical solution for clean air — regardless of the size of your space!

Did you know that out of all public places, bars and nightclubs have the highest air levels of secondhand smoke? When the smoke from cigars, cigarettes, hookah, etc. goes uncontrolled, the space begins to smell bad and the air quality becomes unsafe. Tobacco and nicotine smoke and odors will settle on surfaces and into flooring, furnaces, and more - creating an atmosphere that is off-putting to patrons.

Smoke eaters for bars do more than just remove haze and odors, they also keep fresh, clean air circulating. In addition to ensuring cleaner air for your customers, guests, and employees, Smokeeter systems can actually lower utility bills. These smoke eater systems keep clean air moving indoors instead of exhausting costly heated or cooled air outdoors. And they use less energy than media units, which require more horsepower.

While most U.S. states enforce smoking restrictions, there are still states that don't require designated smoking areas or have separate ventilation laws. Regardless of state, it's beneficial for bar owners to invest in smoke eaters to keep haze and odors under control.

A bar or pub with beers on tap.
Smokeeter FS smoke eater for bar in black and white.

Because the contaminants that make up smoke are so small, regular HVAC filters are not efficient at effectively controlling bar smoke and odors. Smoke eaters extract tobacco and nicotine smoke by using a blower paired with carbon and unique filter media. Properly placing smoke eaters creates air exchanges that push and pull the airstream in a room so many times per hour to establish a fresh and odorless atmosphere.

Smokeeters utilize easy-to-clean, reusable aluminum collection cell components that eliminate the need for frequent filter replacements. These units have twice as much collection surface area as other ESP air cleaners, allowing for longer time periods between cleanings. Get in touch with our specialists to learn more!

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