Media Collectors

DA, DB and DBM bag media dust/mist collectors are ideal for removing smoke, dust, powders, oil mist and other pollutants generated by industrial operations such as offset printing, grinding, sanding and woodworking from plant air. Available with multiple filtration options, each system can be configured to meet your business' specific process.
Features & Benefits
  • Pre-filter, Primary Filter and Final Filter Options—Allows you to configure disposable media for the most effective use on dry or wet particles.
  • Magnehelic Gauge—Indicates when filters need to be replaced.
  • Outlet Vanes—Individually adjustable louvers allow you to create a particular airflow pattern that fits your facility.
  • Improved Air Quality—Ensures a healthier living and working atmosphere.
  • Energy Cost Savings—Heated and cooled air is cleaned and re-circulated into your facility.


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