Why Choose Smokeeter?

Smokeeter is known for being better than the rest!

As our name implies, Smokeeter air cleaning systems are great for cleaning the air in smoking environments like bars, casinos, nightclubs, and restaurants. But Smokeeters are also extremely effective in non-smoking atmospheres where many harmful contaminants are invisible, including healthcare facilities, waiting rooms, offices, welding schools, and more.

Our smoke eaters use electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology to remove contaminants like smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, and viruses from the air. In a world more health-conscious than ever, ensuring a safe environment from viruses and bacteria is crucial. Harmful particles are drawn into smoke eaters and given an electronic charge. Then, similar to a magnet, our filter technology captures the charged pollutants and sends the contaminated-free air through a carbon after-filter to eliminate odors. The result — clean, fresh air recirculated throughout the space.

Smokeeters ensure cleaner air for your patrons, guests, customers, and employees — and they also help lower utility bill costs. Smoke eaters keep clean air moving inside, instead of exhausting the heated/ cooled air that you pay for outside. Smokeeter air cleaning systems also use less energy than media units, which require more horsepower. Plus, the low horsepower requirement of Smokeeters reduces noise from the motor/blower.

Smokeeter SE50 smoke eater system.
A diagram explaning how FS smoke eaters work.

Not only do Smokeeters reduce your utility and housekeeping costs, but by ensuring cleaner air, they can also contribute to a healthier environment, potentially reducing sick leave days and associated costs.

Smoke eaters can also reduce housekeeping costs by minimizing pollution build-up on walls, windows, and furnishings! Because Smokeeter systems utilize easy-to-clean, reusable aluminum collection cell components that eliminate the need for frequent filter replacements, they have 2x as much collection surface area as other ESP air cleaners, allowing for longer periods between cleanings.

In most commercial establishments, smoke eater units run continuously. That’s why Smokeeters are built to provide years of service, even under the most demanding applications. Along with impeccable performance, the durability of the unit’s equipment is demonstrated by years of dependable service. Our confidence in the durability of our systems is backed by excellent warranties and dedicated customer service. Get in touch with us to request a free quote or to learn more!

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