How Do Smoke Eaters Work?

With Smokeeter you, your staff, patrons, and patients can breathe a lot easier! Smoke eaters are important because they eliminate dangerous air contaminants and keep clean air moving.

When it comes to smoke, it is difficult to control environmental conditions without proper ventilation and air filtration. Secondhand smoke lingers in the air creating health risks and thirdhand smoke is known to stick to surfaces such as furnishings, walls, ceilings, and flooring, which is why it is important to get smoke applications under control.

Smokeeter systems utilize a motor/blower assembly to draw air through an aluminum mesh filter which removes the larger particles in the contaminated air. As the particles pass through the ionizer section, they are given an intense positive charge. These charged particles are then collected on cell plates. The clean air is redistributed into the room by adjustable outlet diffusers. An optional activated carbon after-filter aids in controlling odor before recirculating the airstream through the space. The clean air that is circulated is used to push contaminated air around the room to the inlet of the unit. The directions of air patterns and proper placement of smoke eaters should be established by one of our specialists.

Understanding the airflow requirements and size of the room or space is crucial to determine which smoke eater(s) will work best for your application. CFM (cubic feet per minute) is used to measure the volume of airflow that passes into or out of a specific space. To find out what CFM is required, calculate the size of the workspace — multiply the length x the width x the height of the ceiling. To meet CFM and air exchange requirements, the correct amount of smoke eaters must be placed in a pattern to create a circular airflow. Air exchanges are the number of times that the airstream is then circulated through this pattern.

Smokeeter smoke eater systems installed in a bar setting with a diagram of how they work.

Smoke Eater Components Make It Work!

✓ Prefilter

The prefilter traps the larger particles and evenly distributes the air across the ionizing section to maximize efficiency.

✓ Unicell

Unicell is comprised of the ionizing section and the collecting section. The ionizing section is made up of fine tungsten wires supported between metal plates. When high voltage is applied to these parts a “corona” field is generated which imparts a high voltage charge on particles that pass through it.

The collection section is made up of a series of convoluted metal plates. These plates act like a magnet and attract the charged particles, removing them from the air. The plates are alternately charged positively and ground. The positive plates repel the particles while the ground plates attract them,

✓ Optional Activated Caron After-Filter

Optional Activated Caron After-Filter aids in the removal of odors from the air.

✓ Power Pack

Power Pack is a dual high voltage power supply. It supplies 11,000 volts DC to the ionizer and 5,500 volts DC to the collection cell.

✓ Remote On/Off Control Switch

Remote On/Off Control Switch allows you to control operation from a remote location.

✓ Motor/Blower

Motor/Blower produces air movement by a low-speed, dynamically-balanced, forward-curve blower. The direct drive motor is thermally protected.

All Smokeeter air cleaners are self-contained, two-stage electrostatic precipitators specifically designed to remove tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, and other contaminants from the air. One of our specialists can help recommend which unit(s) is right for your establishment based on room configuration and size.

Smokeeter SE 50 Smoke Eater.

Ceiling & Wall-Mount Smoke Eaters

The SE 40 and SE 50 are the most popular units in the Smokeeter line. These rectangular systems are designed to clean air individually or in conjunction with other Smokeeters by creating efficient airflow patterns. Both smoke eater systems offer multiple speed settings and a carbon after-filter for odor control. The SE 40 and SE 50 are ideal for facilities that don’t have space above the ceiling.

SE 50 Smoke Eaters Features & Benefits

✓ Cabinet

Easy access cabinet is made of 18-gauge steel for durability.

✓ Ionizer

Electronically charges particles.

✓ Collection Cell

Deepest plate design in the industry collects electronically charged contaminants.

✓ After-Filter

Activated carbon after-filter helps control odors.

✓ Outlet Diffuser Grille

Four-way adjustable diffusing vanes create the most effective air pattern.

✓ Prefilter

Layered aluminum mesh screens capture large airborne particles as they enter the unit.

✓ Multi-Speed Control

Switch provides multiple blower speed adjustments to control noise levels during peak and off-peak business hours.

✓ Indicator Light

Illuminates when the unit is working properly and automatically shuts off when components need servicing.

✓ Motor/Blower

Specially mounted to cabinet for noise reduction, the motor/blower generates air movement in and out of the unit.

Smokeeter SE 24 smoke eater.

Flush-Mount Smoke Eaters

The SE 24 is a compact smoke eater that fits into a 2' x 4' suspended tile ceiling. For more aesthetically conscious environments, this system blends into the ceiling and offers easy access for routine service and maintenance. Like many other Smokeeters, the SE 24 includes a carbon after-filter as well as a speed control switch to adjust the desired airflow.

Smokeeter FS smoke eater.

Concealed Smoke Eaters

Smokeeter FS and LS models are ideal for locations where aesthetics are important because they are installed above the ceiling and are virtually out of sight — only the supply and return grilles show. FS and LS models operate more quietly than other large-capacity air cleaners and can be ducted to multiple rooms because they are concealed.

FS and LS concealed Smokeeter systems are an innovative concept in electronic air cleaners. Their flexibility enables these units to adapt to any situation or room configuration to effectively solve your particular air cleaning needs.

Dirty air is drawn into the FS or LS Smokeeter system through waffle-shaped inlet grilles, or Return Air Assemblies, located in two different areas. The air flows through Aluminized Flexible Ductwork and is directed to the Smokeeter system via a Wye Connection. Once inside the FS or LS, pollutants and other harmful contaminants are removed from the air stream. Next, clean air is sent through more ductwork and another Wye Connection, where it is discharged into different locations through louvered outlet grilles or Supply Air Assemblies.

The standard components of FS and LS concealed Smokeeter systems are the air cleaning mechanism itself and a wall-mounted remote control switch. It’s the wide variety of accessories that allow these smoke eaters to be custom tailored to any room configuration.

Concealed Smoke Eater Accessories

✓ Carbon Plenum

The carbon module, or plenum, holds carbon and is used to combat strong, pervasive odors.

• Twenty-gauge steel cabinet
• FS has 4 trays and holds 12 lbs. of carbon; LS has 6 trays and holds 18 lbs. of carbon.
• FS offers 10" inlet/outlet collars and LS offers 16" inlet/outlet collars. This allows the Carbon Plenum to connect to flexible or hard duct.

✓ Supply Air Assembly

The Supply Air Assembly, or outlet grille, recirculates clean air into the room. It features a white enamel finish to blend with the ceiling and adjustable louvers.

✓ Aluminized Flexible Duct

The Aluminized Flexible Duct allows users to channel air up to 25'. It is made of UL-listed aluminum polyester laminate with encapsulated galvanized steel wire, and can be compressed into just 32".

✓ Wye Connection

The Wye Connection is a device used to direct air to more than one area of a room. This transition piece can accept sheet metal or flexible duct.

✓ Return Air Assembly

Designed to draw air into a concealed Smokeeter, the Return Air Assembly, or inlet grille, is made up of molded fiberglass plenum with scrim reinforced foil back and square-to-round collars. The molded white polystyrene eggcrate is 24" x 24" T-bar drop-in with 1/2" x 1/2" grid spacing.

✓ Remote Switch Assembly

A standard accessory with concealed Smokeeters is the Remote Switch Assembly, featuring a wall-mounted remote control with on/off switch and indicator light. The switch can be changed to an optional multiple speed control (shown), and the lamp notifies users when the unit needs to be serviced.

A Smokeeter SE 50 smoke eater installed in a room with a pool table to capture smoke, dust, and other air contaminants.

Smokeeter air cleaners are not only effective in cigar bars and lounges and casinos, but also in offices, waiting rooms, healthcare facilities, and other environments that depend on clean and sterile air. Smokeeter manufactures a complete line of smoke eater products that electronically clean the airstream to combat indoor air quality issues — regardless of the size of the room or application.

In addition to ensuring cleaner air for your customers, guests, and employees, Smokeeters can help lower utility bills. These air cleaning systems use less energy than media units, which require more horsepower and can also reduce housekeeping costs by minimizing pollution build-up on walls, windows, and furnishings.

Smokeeter air cleaning systems are designed and engineered to rigid specifications, incorporating the latest technological advances. They are built using the highest-grade materials available and are subjected to rigorous quality control checks before leaving our factory.

Clean air. It's what we do.

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