Everything You Need to Know About FS Smoke Eaters

Businesses that cater to patrons who smoke - such as casinos, bars, VFW halls, hookah lounges, etc., rely on smoke eater systems to effectively capture and filter air contaminants. For any service-based establishment to remain successful, it must continually provide a high-quality customer experience. This includes a smoke-free, haze-free, and odor-free environment. That’s why the Original Smokeeter indoor air cleaning system offers an efficient and economical solution for clean air.

Smokeeter air cleaning systems utilize easy-to-clean, reusable aluminum collection cell components that eliminate the need for frequent filter replacements. These smoke eaters have 2x as much collection surface area as other ESP air cleaners, allowing for longer time periods between cleanings. All Smokeeter air cleaners are self-contained, two-stage electrostatic precipitators specifically designed to remove tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, and other contaminants from the air.

The Smokeeter line is built to combat all indoor air quality problems — regardless of the size of the room or application. FS concealed smoke eaters feature an innovative concept that makes these air cleaners flexible enough to adapt to any situation or room configuration.

FS smoke eaters are excellent for businesses where aesthetics are important because they are installed above the ceiling and are virtually out of sight. Smokeeter FS units operate more quietly than other large-capacity air cleaners and can be ducted to multiple rooms because they are concealed. If odors are a main concern, FS smoke eaters come equipped with a carbon module option to combat heavy odors.

FS Smokeeter air cleaning system
An image explaning how FS and LS smoke eaters work.

The standard components of FS concealed Smokeeter systems are the air cleaning mechanism itself and a wall-mounted remote control switch — it’s the wide variety of accessories that make these air cleaners custom tailored to any room configuration.

As shown on the left, contaminated air is drawn into the FS Smokeeter system through waffle-shaped inlet grilles, or Return Air Assemblies, located in two different areas. The air flows through Aluminized Flexible Ductwork and is directed to the Smokeeter via a Wye Connection.

Once inside the FS or LS, pollutants and other harmful contaminants are removed from the air stream. Next, clean air is sent through more ductwork and another Wye Connection, where it is discharged into different locations through louvered outlet grilles, or Supply Air Assemblies.

A specialist can help determine if the FS smoke eater is the best option for your establishment based on room configuration and size. Get in touch with us to get started.

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